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Despite constant warnings about cyber security and the importance of hard-to-guess passwords, Internet users still seem to think that “123456” and “password” will keep hackers away, according to SplashData’s annual “worst passwords” list.

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Malicious Complaint Email Claiming It’s From BBB

A new scam using the BBB name popped up this morning, and has been received by consumers and businesses across the U.S. and Canada…including many BBB offices!
This is a phishing email that has a dangerous hyperlink contained within the email.

Legitimate complaints from the Better Business Bureau of Mainland BC will have local contacts from our BBB in British Columbia. You will see in the email signature a BBB employee name along with an email with name@mbc.bbb.org. There is a 604 phone number in the email. Additionally, the complaint link that appears to be that of BBB in New York. However, if you hover your mouse over the web address (the part that begins with http), you can see that the real address is not BBB at all. DO NOT CLICK ON THE LINK! The link actually takes you to a rogue website that downloads a Trojan virus on your computer. For the latest updates visit our scam email page on the BBB website: www.mbc.bbb.org

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