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Adding a Link to Your Email Address

The mailto link is not recommended as it is not widely supported:

Mailto clickable links do not always function correctly for the site visitor. The software mechanism activated by the link requires that a default email client be established on the computer. This must be a local program, typically using the SMTP protocol to send outbound mail. With the rise in use of webmail-based email, many computers lack local email client software. Alternatively, email client software may have been preinstalled by the computer vendor, but never used or configured. When such a visitor clicks on a mailto URI in their web browser, either the browser will display an error to the effect that no default email client exists, or the user will be subjected to a volley of technical questions by the unconfigured email client. Neither is a desirable outcome. Some web browsers such as Opera, Firefox, and Chrome may be able to redirect clicks on mailto links to a chosen webmail service, but Internet Explorer as well as other browsers have no such capability.

Promote your Website

The main purpose of advertising your web site to is attract clients and bring awareness to your product offerings and the services you provide.  The benefits include marketing your goods in your potential customer’s home while you have long closed the doors and set the alarm. In other words you are open 24/ 7.

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Advertise Sales on your Website

These days, there’s a whole generation of people  who visit a website to find products and services or just to check things out before they ever visit a shop or purchase a product.

If you’re spending time and money on catalogues, sale flyers and print advertising, don’t forget to add promotions, sales, events and new products to your website too.  Adding graphics or changing colours on your homepage or sidebar wont take you or your web designer long. Make sure you write a newsletter for your email subscribers.

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Phone Book or Booster Seat?

Should your company invest in a web site and/or a phonebook ad? Well, lets take a look.

Who owns a phone book these days?”
I overheard at lunch the other day, well as it turns out that many of the people I know, my co-workers, friends, or associates don’t have a phone book. In fact after I started to think about it, neither do I. I went on a hunt to find this book. 15 years ago it was indispensable in every home, and every desk. Now I am sure they are still being delivered to all of these places. I finally found one hidden in a hallway of my apartment building, all bundled up, unopened. Apparently, my entire building does exactly what I do, ignore them or throw them away (ok, be green, recycle them). Even before all of this investigation, I was always shocked by businesses that don’t have a Website. Do enough people actually have a phonebook, and use it for these places to survive?

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Collect Email Addresses

A good quality customer  database for an email newsletter  can mean the difference between business survival and failure, especially during times of slow growth. The same list, combined with smart communications, will make the good times even better.

It costs more money to find new customers than it does to nurture repeat customers through regular contact, so you need to make accurate list building a daily habit.

Here’s a checklist of ways you can effortlessly source new names:

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Benefits of Email Marketing

Its the easy, effective and affordable way to market to existing and new customers. Email marketing is one of the most cost effective marketing mediums, yet provides great results and is a great compliment to any online marketing strategy.

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Tips for writing an effective Marketing Email

Always include an “unsubscribe” link in your marketing emails. This is required by anti-spam laws and is also a good customer service policy.

You should only send marketing emails to people who have opted into a mailing list. Otherwise, many recipients will consider it to be spam. At best, they may just delete it without reading it. At worst, they might complain to your email provider or internet service provider.

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