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Hacked accounts

Many websites have been “Hacked by hacker” Two hosting services seem to have been affected: Netregistry in Australia, Hostpapa in Canada.

Hostpapa says: “We’re aware of a WordPress vulnerability that has impacted some customers & we’re working to resolve ASAP. Thank you for your patience.”

Contact e-motional web design if you would like us to clear the hack from your website and add additional security. We will send you a quote.


Despite constant warnings about cyber security and the importance of hard-to-guess passwords, Internet users still seem to think that “123456” and “password” will keep hackers away, according to SplashData’s annual “worst passwords” list.

Read more: CTV News

Website Security

To help prevent malicious coding attacks on your website by hackers, please make sure:

  1. You change your  passwords often
  2. Use strong passwords with number and letter combinations
  3. Know who has administrative access to your website
  4. Only access your website with a computer that you know is virus free
  5. Keep all of your website programs up to date
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