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How do I set up a New Email Address on my Computer Email Program?

Let us know what email addresses you would like us to set up for your web site. The address can be anything you choose.

For example: info@yourwebsitename.ca, contact@yourwebsitename.ca or bob@yourwebsitename.ca.

After we have created the email addresses for you, we will send you the parameters to allow you to add the email addresses to your computer email program.

Please click here for HostPapa’s Email Tutorials. Choose the program that you use on your computer to send and receive emails and follow the tutorial.

If you find it easier, we can forward emails from your new email address to an email address you already have. For example anyone sending an email to info@yourwebsitename.ca will be forwarded to your personal Gmail, Hotmail, Shaw, Telus (or other) email address.

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