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Monthly payment plan website updates

Website updates are included in your monthly payment plan. Please see the information provided to you when signing up to determine the number of website updates that are included in your plan

  • Updates are limited to changing content text and images.
  • Please email your updates to e-motional web design at least 5 business days before they are to be posted on your website.
  • Try to send your updates in batches, to avoid using one of your updates for a minor change.
  • Yearly updates in your plan start after your website is launched (or live).
  • On the anniversary of your live website, your yearly updates begin with a new count.
  • Unused updates from the previous year do not carry over to the next year.
  • If you require more updates than your plan permits you have 2 options:

1)      By the hour – we charge $75 + tax for every hour of work to update your website. A small change (a change in open hours for example) would typically take us about 10 minutes. You will receive an invoice after one hour of work. If your requested update is expected to take longer than one hour, we will send you a quote for approval before beginning the work.

2)       Upgrade to a  monthly plan that allows more yearly updates

 Please contact e-motional web design if you have any questions!

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