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The main purpose of advertising your web site to is attract clients and bring awareness to your product offerings and the services you provide.  The benefits include marketing your goods in your potential customer’s home while you have long closed the doors and set the alarm. In other words you are open 24/ 7.

Awareness of your site all starts with the staff. Ensuring all employees are familiar with the web site address (url) and its specials and contents related to your business is top priority. This is much like the old days of marketing,  when clients asked about the deals on a flyer brought in by a customer. Consider how often a waitress persuades her patrons with the soup and sandwich lunch special at the local diner when she knows exactly the type of soup and sandwich being offered along with the dessert and choices of beverages. This important value applies to everyone employed at the business including part-timers.

Adding your web site address to your newspaper ad or brochures is as important as having it on your business cards. Exposure is vital for not only marketing your site, but the more active your site, the higher your site ranks on search engines. If you feel your paid ads have limited space, consider removing the postal code, fax number and payment symbols as most all companies take credit cards so using this limited space on your small ad has little recognition. Clients having the opportunity of viewing your entire web site can easily find the contact info including the business address, directions and hours of operation to fit into their schedule.

Advertising your site also includes the ease of remembering a business web site name such as Bobs Plumbing.com or I love pizza.ca can easily out do trying to recall an address where someone has directed you to taking two lefts turns past the church followed by a sharp right to the end next to the old hockey store. Leading all clients to your web site assures not only a correct address has been given, but now entices the clients to view your specials, read up on your complete product line and sign up for your monthly newsletter. Your web site address is easily spread by word of mouth.

Keeping your web site up to date is as important as not running a special past the expiry date. Clients will frequent a web site when they know it has up to date material. Would you purchase last months newspaper and expect the grocer to continue a sale on Turkey two weeks after Thanksgiving? If you are advertising your site as the go to place, be sure to visit it yourself and see what customers are seeing themselves. Up to date sites are effective for no other reason.

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