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Benefits of Email Marketing

Its the easy, effective and affordable way to market to existing and new customers. Email marketing is one of the most cost effective marketing mediums, yet provides great results and is a great compliment to any online marketing strategy.

Instant Results: The delivery time for an email newsletter is instant compared to a mail advertisement and you’ll never have to pay for paper and stamps again

Greater audience: Lower cost email marketing provides the ability to distribute information to a wide range of potential customers at a relatively lower cost compared to other advertising mediums. Have a large subscriber database? Send as many to as many as you like and be assured that your list is 100% safe and in good hands.

You can instantly track the performance of a campaign:  Track how many opens, click through & leads into your website. With an email marketing campaign you can tell exactly how effective it was, can a print advertising provide this?

eCo Friendly: Think about how much paper and energy is put into a single print mail out. Printing, paper, envelopes, stamps and delivery. Sending bulk email newsletters is not only cheaper but more eco friendly.

Strengthen your company brand: Email marketing provides the opportunity to further strengthen your brand out in the market place. We offer a email newsletter as part of our service and can load this directly into your web site.

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