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Friends, Relations and Keeping Control of your Business

We often hear “My friend can do it for me or I’ll contact my brother to help me . Intentions are great and nobody really wants to say no.

When we have no experience in the field, those that have limited ability look like geniuses. Such is the case with the world of the Internet. We watch as a friend or family member conquer a Wii game , make birthday cards using Photoshop or post an article on Facebook and assume they must have enough programming and design experience to build a business web site.

This is similar to saying that those with a drivers license know everything about vehicles. If that were the case , we would never take our car to a service centre or go to a trained dentist. You have a better chance of having a good haircut from your untrained sister or friend than having them design and program a business web site for you, although most of us still go to the salon.

If you continue to work hard at your investment, work with us, we’re easier to deal with than awkwardly reminding your friends or family to drop what they are doing and hurry up with your professional project .We will teach you how to apply easy changes to your web site without additional fees. When we complete your site, then you can tell others “ My friends at e-motional web design can do it for you”.

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