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Advertise Sales on your Website

These days, there’s a whole generation of people  who visit a website to find products and services or just to check things out before they ever visit a shop or purchase a product.

If you’re spending time and money on catalogues, sale flyers and print advertising, don’t forget to add promotions, sales, events and new products to your website too.  Adding graphics or changing colours on your homepage or sidebar wont take you or your web designer long. Make sure you write a newsletter for your email subscribers.

Here’s an example of a Garden Centre that uses their website to promote their annual plant sale.


Web Versions of Your Graphics

By getting web versions of your promotional graphics when you get your print graphics done you will save heaps of time and money. Ask your printer  for the following:

1. PDF versions of all advertising for magazines, newspapers and flyers (these can be viewed in Acrobat)

2. A 72dpi screenshot of all catalogues and flyers (include on your website post or homepage as a teaser and link to downloadable file)

3. A square graphic for your sidebar (72dpi, either 125 pixels x 125 pixels or 250 pixels x 250 pixels depending on the size of your sidebar)

Or ask us to create the graphics for your sale! Contact us for more information.

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